Sergey Eletskiy er født 25/6 1989 i Moskva og uddannet samme sted hos Prof. E. Petrov og siden 2009 ved Musikhøjskolen i Lübeck hos Prof. Reiner Wehle. Prisvinder ved internationale konkurrencer som bl.a. Concertino-Prag (2008), Debussy Konkurrencen i Paris (2010), Aeolus Konkurrencen i Düsseldorf (2011) og ARD Konkurrencen i München (2012).

Siden 2012 er han 2. soloklarinettist ved Perm Opera og Ballet Teatret i Rusland
Sergey bor i Moskva.

David Oistrakh Quartet features today’s most outstanding musicians of Russia. In 2012 the family of the legendary 20th century violinist honored the quartet with his name. Over the years of artisitic friendhship and passion for art of quartet led the young soloists and the grand masters of quartet to form this extraodinarly ensemble.

75 years after the triumph of the Russian legend David Oistrakh at the Queen Elisabeth International Violin Competition, the first violinist of the quartet Andrey Baranov symbolically won the first prize in 2012.
Baranov is also laureate of David Oistrakh competition and Liana Issakadze competition (student of Oistrakh) among many other top prizes in international competitions. His international career has led him to perform as soloist with London Philharmonic, Sendai Philharmonic, St-Petersburg Philharmonic, Brussels Philharmonic, National Orchestra of Belgium and Luxemboug Philharmonic across the globe.

The second violinist of the quartet professor Sergey Pischugin was a student of David Oistrakh. People’s Artist of Russia and laureate of State Prize of Russia, Professor Pischugin was the founding member of Glinka Quartet and subsequently played 35 years in the acclaimed Shostakovich Quartet. During his international career with the Shostakovich quartet he performed and recorded virtually the entire quartet repertoire existing. He had the opportunities to perform many of the quartets of Dmitry Shostakovich for the composer himself. Through this invaluable experience he holds unbeatable knowledge of Shostakovich’s music.
Violist Fedor Belugin is laureate of number of international competitions and teaches at the Moscow State Conservatory. He is one of the
few violist with leading quartet activities as well as an active solo career. Together with Sergey Peschugin he played in Shostakovich Quartet during an important period of his life.
Cellist Alexey Zhilin is considered as one of the leading cellist of his generation in Russia. Having won number of international prizes, Zhilin is an artist-in-residence at the ‘Palace of Music’ in St-Petersburg. Beside his quartet career, Zhilin appears frequently as soloist with chamber and symphony orchestras in Russia and abroad. In 2012 he recoreded a CD in Germany with Andrey Baranov.
All four musicians play on notable italian instruments of the 18th/19th century. Particularly noteworthy is the Antonio Stradivarius “Huggins” (1708) kindly loaned to Andrey Baranov by the Nippon Music Foundation.