Copenhagen Summer Festival 2018

Sunday, July 29th – 16.30
Opening Concert

Pianist Szymon Nehring, Winner of Rubinstein Competition 2017
First presentation in Denmark, International Rubinstein Competition winner, Szymon Nehring

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Monday, July 30th – 19.30

Duo Huayra, Loussine Azizian violin, Leonardo Sessena cello
String Duo with Armenian and Italian background, both solo players in Kristiansand Symphony in Norway

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Tuesday, July 31st – 19.30

Ventus, Michaela Hansen flute and Louise Henriksen clarinet
Internationally experienced prizewinner wind duo, performing with musical friends

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Wednesday, August 1st – 19.30

Jonas Frølund clarinet and Gershwin String Quartet
String quartet with Russian backgroud performing with extraordinary talented Danish clarinet player

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Thursday August 2nd -19.30

Young Nordic string sextet
String sextet performing milestones from the classical repertoire

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Friday, August 3rd – 19.30

Bjarke Mogensen accordion and Kottos Ensemble
Ensemble performing entertaining cross over program

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Saturday, August 4th – 16.30

Very young prize winners from Berlingske, Steinway and other competitions
The youngest generation of musical talents


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Sunday, august 5th – 16.30

Øresunds Soloist prize winners
Prize winners from the Scandinavian Oeresunds Soloist Competition

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Monday, August 6th – 19.30

Cellist Jakob Kuranyi and dancer Heather Ware
Concert with dance, ”Reapproacing Bach”
International Sweedish cello star performing with dancer, new artistic expression

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Tuesday, August 7th – 19.30

Trio Elisabeth Brauss piano, Anna Egholm violin, Anastasia Kobekina, cello
All Tshaikowsky program with Danish-German-Russian piano trio. International prize winners

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Wednesday, August 8th – 19.30

Claire Huangci, Chines American pianist
Extraordinary pianist, international star performing Chopin and Rachmaninoff

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Thursday, August 9th – 19.30

Copenhagen Summer Festival Talent Prize 2018
Nicholas Algot Swensen, viola
Talentprize Concert 2018. Young Danish viola player in the beginning of international career

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