Trio Aulos

trio_aulos_hiAugust 4, 2015 – 4:30 PM

Jonas Frølund, clarinet
Jonathan Algot Swensen, cello
Elias Holm, piano


The clarinet trio Trio Aulos consists of three young, Copenhagen-based musicians. Jonas Lyskjær Frølund (clarinet), Jonathan Algot Swensen (cello) and Elias Holm (piano) started playing together in 2013 and already during that first year, they played at several large calssical music events including Copenhagen Summer Festival and Tisvilde Chamber Music Festival. On the future schedule are concerts all over Denmark among others at Schubertiaden 2015. The trio is studying at The Royal Danish Academy of Music with pianist and professor Amalie Malling and 1st clarinet of the Royal Chapel, John Kruse.

The name “Trio Aulos” refers to the old greek wind instrument “aulos” which in its form resembles the modern clarinet.

Jonas Lyskjær Frølund (b. 1996) started playing the clarinet in 2007. He began his music studies in Roskilde and as of 2011 he has studied with John Kruse as part of the MGK progamme at Sankt Annæ Gymnasium. He often plays chamber music with eather Trio Aulos or the wind quintet WH5. Jonas has won prizes in several music competitions for young musicians, e.g. Øresunds Solist and the Berlingske Classical Music Competition and he has received several grants, one of them being the Copenhagen Summer Festival Talent Prize. In 2014 he won 1st. prize at the international clarinet competition ’Concorso Internazionale di Musica ”Marco Fiorindo”’. He also participated in the prestigious Carl Nielsen International Clarinet Competition in 2013 as youngest participant and in the Copenhagen Phil’s audition for 1st. solo clarinet. In 2014 he also received the Gade Prize.

Jonathan Algot Swensen (b. 1996) started playing the cello in 2003. He entered the Royal Danish Academy of Music in 2014 and now studies with Toke Møldrup. Previous teacher has a.o. been Niels Ullner, Henrik Dam Thomsen and Swedish Mats Rondin. Jonathan has won prizes in several music competitions, e.g. Øresunds Solist, the Berlingske Classical Music Competition, and Spil For Livet, where he also performed together with DR SymfoniOrkesteret. Most recently he has won 1st. prize at the Stockholm International Music Competition 2014. Among the grants he has received are the Copenhagen Summer Festival Talent Prize, the Jacob Gade Talent Prize and a scholarship from the Betty and Valdemar van Hauen Foundation.

Elias Holm (b. 1996) has played the piano since 2002 starting with Tove Lønskov as his teacher, and he is now studying at the Royal Danish Academy of Music with Amalie Malling. In both Danish and international music competitions he has reached the top placements, a.o. in the Steinway Competition, the Berlingske Classical Music Competition and the Grand Prix in Music Without Limits in Lithuania. In 2013 the Augustinus Foundation granted him a new Steinway O piano to be used during his years of studying at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. In June 2014 Elias performed as a soloist with the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra playing Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 24 and he has also played several concerts at ’New Names’ International Festival of Young Musician-Performers.

Elias Holm er født i 1996 og har spillet klaver siden han var 6 år gammel. Har studeret hos pianist og tidl. docent ved DKDM Tove Lønskov i flere år, men studerer nu på DKDM hos Amalie Malling på andet år. Har opnået topplaceringer i konkurrencer i både ind- og udland, herunder Steinway Konkurrencen, guld i Berlingskes Klassiske Musikkonkurrence og Grand Prix i Music Without Limits i Litauen. Elias blev desuden i 2013 valgt til at få doneret et nyt Steinway O flygel af Augustinus Fonden til brug under studietiden. I juni 2014 var Elias solist med Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra i Mozarts klaverkoncert nr. 24 og gav flere andre koncerter i forbindelse med ’New Names’ International Festival of Young Musician-Performers.